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India 2018

We had a very successful time in India again this year. It was lovely to meet up with friends from over the years and spend time together discovering some great ideas for teaching and learning. All of our teaching friends are doing such an awesome job in working with the children in their care. It … Continue reading India 2018

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India July 2016 Recap

In July 2016, we took 9 kiwi teachers to work hard with our Indian colleagues. The curry and mangoes were great, but even better was seeing the enthusiasm the teachers have for learning and the dedication they have to be teachers of excellence is awesome. It was a privilege to be working in India again. … Continue reading India July 2016 Recap

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Part 5: Equipping a future generation

As the end of the week grew closer, our time in Arusha was growing to a bittersweet close. In many ways, a little bit longer stay would be great, in others; many of us were looking forward to home and loved ones, as well as some home comforts. Our teachers continued to observe and work … Continue reading Part 5: Equipping a future generation

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India Trip: July 2016

INDIA – July 2016  India trip dates: July 2nd – July 14th/17th, 2016.  Join us on our 6th trip to India in 2016 to run a large teacher conference at The Torchbearers Center in Dehradun.  It’ll cost approximately $3000-4000, and we need 5-9 awesome NZ teachers to join us. We will be again at the … Continue reading India Trip: July 2016

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Part 4: Library #2 and teaching in Arusha

The next stop for RATA was back to Arusha to work at Joshua School. Our team of NZ teachers went to observe and work with some of the school’s teachers, working alongside them to bring new skills, planning and other interactive ideas for the students. There’s a different atmosphere at this school, a real sense of … Continue reading Part 4: Library #2 and teaching in Arusha

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Part 3: Joshua School in Magugu, Days 4-6

We fall into a regular pattern of village life in Magugu, walking 2km to school each morning at 7am through the little brick huts scattered in the village area. The morning walks are enjoyable as the weather is cooler, the sandy ground not too dusty and it’s a great way to start the day in … Continue reading Part 3: Joshua School in Magugu, Days 4-6

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Part 2: Joshua School in Magugu, Days 1-3

Our first week of work at Joshua School started with introductions with the staff and a tour through the classes during a tea break. The RATA teachers paired off with their partner teachers, ready to observe and work alongside them. The library workers set off to the back of the school to tackle the container … Continue reading Part 2: Joshua School in Magugu, Days 1-3

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Part 1: Arriving in Arusha, Tanzania

Our first taste of Tanzania was through the dirty windows of an old 20-odd seater bus, that hurtled along the dusty, bumpy roads giving us sneak peaks of the landscape from the almost full moon shining down from a clear sky. The RATA team arrived late at the guest house in Arusha after a long … Continue reading Part 1: Arriving in Arusha, Tanzania

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India: 28 June – 14 July, 2015

Our July 2015 trip to India was a success. This was our fifth visit and we were so excited to see how the Indian teachers are grasping the training we have given. We have now built a strong bond of trust and a real sense of family with our Indian colleagues we work with. Spend … Continue reading India: 28 June – 14 July, 2015

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Tanzania: Sept 20 – Oct 8, 2015

This trip is for volunteers of all professions to help set up three libraries. We need some muscles- we have sent over a container load of books and we need some volunteers to help set up the libraries. A librarian will be on the the team so all we need is some willing helpers. This is a perfect …

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