State Schools have up to 120 per class, so these schools have opened to try and give a better quality education with only 45 per class. They are all fee paying schools but a blind eye is turned if the poor cannot pay. There education is secure.

All schools teach using rote. They had 30 reading books between the three schools. They now have three full libraries with 1000’s of books. Only three trained teachers all in specialist topics (i.e. French)

The Schools are in Ashiaman a slum area near the port of Tema. This is about a 40 minute drive from the capital city of Accra. RATA first visited in 2008. We primarily work with RATA International School which they renamed after us in 2010.

Comments from Ghanaian Teachers after RATA visits

  • The RATA visit has helped us a lot in the way of teaching and how to take care of our children. I have learned how to help them to learn.
  • RATA’s visit to my school has encouraged me in my teaching.
  • I have learned not to use aggressive words at students.
  • RATA is here to build teachers in teaching and students in learning.
  • RATA should keep organising workshops like the one we had, in order to keep equipping us.
  • RATA has taught me how to make teaching and learning fun.
  • I have learned that children can think numbers and interact with numbers, not just count on their hands and feet.
  • My school will beam with children learning and laughing. They will enjoy the teaching, not the seriousness that usually prevails.
  • I have learnt how to decorate my class with pictures, writing and also how to teach the children to read and write their own stories.
  • RATA can help my school by providing books to enhance learning.
  • RATA’s visit has helped my school by equipping the teachers on good and advanced teaching methods.
  • I have learned how to plan before I take a class.
  • I have learned that I need to encourage a student when he gets an answer wrong and not punish him.
  • We now have new ideas and techniques to teach our children. With this, our school can grow.
  • RATA impacted a teaching spirit into our teachers.
  • I want more workshops conducted to help my teaching.

What did the Ghana Teachers learn from RATA?


  • The programs and teaching methods are very impressive and result oriented.
  • Has awaken them to the consciousness of Management procedures.
  • Drawing out principles.
  • Mission statement
  • Details of how to achieve their mission
  • Checking on alternatives to corporal punishment.
  • Making every part of the school a learning opportunity with poster decoration.


  • Teaching can be fun
  • Teaching and learning brings teacher and students together
  • Teaching techniques that really work.
  • Managing the classroom and the mind of students
  • Impacting creativity through learning games.
  • Making the school a second home for the students.

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