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Morgan’s Story – in Magugu, Tanzania

Cheeky smiles, ample cuddles, dusty roads, dirty feet, friendly greetings, harmonising voices, dazzling colours, poverty yet complete happiness: these are only a few of the ways to sum up my time in Magugu, Tanzania. Magugu has changed my life; this poor, poverty stricken, deliriously hot but simply incredible village holds the power to both break … Continue reading Morgan’s Story – in Magugu, Tanzania

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Cliff’s Story – from Ghana

In Iboland where I come from, we have a song for the naming ceremony of a new born child. It is translated thus; “whosoever hears the cry of a child should hasten to the child’s aid because a child belongs to no one individual. Although it is a song, I consider it an adage. My … Continue reading Cliff’s Story – from Ghana

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Pastor WIlliams’ Story from Ghana

“Greetings from Ghana, where RATA is working. We are putting measures in place to help teachers prepare adequately to be trained teachers who value the children. We are also putting measures to keep classrooms dry. It is not comfortable when it rains. We have obtained a level of discipline and culture in the school which … Continue reading Pastor WIlliams’ Story from Ghana

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