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6 Schools with 700 pupils. The schools are in the Himalaya foothills and in the slums of large urban areas. They exist to provide education to those children who would not have access to state schools. Some children walk three hours to attend school, and then they walk home, in the cold air of the … Continue reading India

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State Schools have up to 120 per class, so these schools have opened to try and give a better quality education with only 45 per class. They are all fee paying schools but a blind eye is turned if the poor cannot pay. There education is secure. All schools teach using rote. They had 30 … Continue reading Ghana

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Planning 2016: India

INDIA July 2016: The trip dates are July 3rd – July 14th, 2016.  Join us on our 6th trip to India in 2016 to run a large teacher conference at The Torchbearers Center in Dehradun.   We hope to teach 80 teachers during an intensive week, as well as meet with each individual school we work … Continue reading Planning 2016: India

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