Pastor WIlliams’ Story from Ghana


“Greetings from Ghana, where RATA is working. We are putting measures in place to help teachers prepare adequately to be trained teachers who value the children. We are also putting measures to keep classrooms dry. It is not comfortable when it rains. We have obtained a level of discipline and culture in the school which is based on kindness and not fear. In fact it came to a point we have to advise some of the old teachers that if they find it difficult to conform to the child value principles they better leave because we are not going back to the former ways we handle discipline.

We have introduced participatory approach to learning. We hope to grow in it as time goes on. Naomi’s classroom, as it is now, is a vibrant learning place where the children are valued and they participate in their own learning. Paul is settled with the academic work of the school, taking all the teachers through brainstorming way of getting the children thinking and talking about their idea’s. The RATA training has been the key to all these changes, it is making a big difference to our school and our children. We are grateful for the many hearts that are turning towards us here in Ghana. We will do all we can to make this dream come true.

God bless you all and the RATA team.”


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