India Trip 2018

RATA’s work in Dehradun is coming to an end. Our July visit will be the last one with our RATA India colleagues. Eight years of mentoring, partnering and learning together has enabled the India team to develop the skills to stand alone, and that is always our goal. We are looking forward to consolidating the learning about child-centred pedagogy that has taken place, and to watching the RATA India team lead their colleagues with the skills they have developed over the past eight years.

We still need some New Zealand based teaching colleagues to accompany us on this trip. Classroom teacher, principal, learning support staff, early childhood teachers, – we need you all! The RATA India team, which is comprised primarily of the principals of the seven schools we work with, have effective skills but we are going to have one last solid week of input into the staff from their schools.

For New Zealand teachers this is a fabulous opportunity to use the skills you already have and to share your knowledge with Indian colleagues. I guarantee that you will learn more than you expect to, and that you will come home with an increased understanding of the way you operate as a professional educator.

We leave New Zealand late on Thursday 28 June to travel via Hong Kong to Dehli, and on to Dehradun, arriving Friday evening.  The Professional Development programme runs from Sunday 1 July through to Friday 6 July. We have the weekend off to visit Rishikesh and Mussoorie (if the weather allows) and then take part in school visits on Monday and Tuesday. Subject to some final details  we may visit the Taj Mahal and Jaipur from Wednesday to Friday and return to New Zealand on Saturday 14 July.

All members of the RATA team, including the administrator, pay their own way for the trip. One of our principles is that we are not a burden on the schools in which we work. RATA does not add any profit margin to the work we do and we are entirely a voluntary organisation. Estimated costs for 2018 are around $4,500 – $5000 including travel, accommodation and some meals.

We would love to have you join the RATA team which now numbers almost 100 teachers and supporting travelers who have been with us to South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and India. This is a safe and enjoyable way to travel to a truly exotic location. Take a risk, fill out the application form, and get ready for memorable adventure!

RATA team listening to Zara speak on learning needs

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