Cliff’s Story – from Ghana

In Iboland where I come from, we have a song for the naming ceremony of a new born child. It is translated thus; “whosoever hears the cry of a child should hasten to the child’s aid because a child belongs to no one individual. Although it is a song, I consider it an adage.

My encounter with RATA re-echoes the words of this song:

The cry of the child born in Ghana- Africa echoed in New Zealand -the distant islands, RATA heard the cry and hastened to the aid. The child that was born in New Zealand some years ago today has brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers in Ghana. Indeed a child belongs to no one individual.

RATA is on a course that is natural to humanity; One World! One Destiny! Support and uplift – building a great world of love through teacher support.I have a dream that the African Child can think for himself about his world and find his way around his world and not just swallowing ideas of other people. When I encountered RATA, they brought a meaning and reality to this dream

  • A new teaching style has been introduced
  • Teachers have been impacted with a new approach to child training
  • A culture of reading is being developed as a 20 foot container load of books is coming to Ghana to boost this culture
  • School administration system is gradually being re-aligned to this highly rewarding child training program
  • Our children are gradually beginning to feel their importance as they are being given the center stage in the teaching plan.

RATA is making its journey through Africa and the rest of the world and it has a life changing story to tell.


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