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    The RATA Teacher Support is a group of trained New Zealand teachers committed to encourage, equip and inspire untrained teachers in developing countries, so that they can confidently teach the children with excellence, professionalism and passion.

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    Our vision is to teach untrained teachers, who are teaching children in classrooms of the world, how to run an effective classroom and how to teach numeracy and literacy. We aim for the children to be educated well, so that they can break the poverty cycle.

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    Join us on a 1-2 week life changing adventure in Ghana, India or Tanzania and see how a RATA trip will forever change your world view, as well as your practice here in New Zealand. You'll make a difference in the education of others too.

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    If you would like to donate financially, RATA is a registered charity. You can make a donation to support us in the work that we do and fund future projects. You can help us in other ways too - volunteer time, materials or even fundraising.

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Three schools in a poor area of the capital city of Ghana, with over 600 students and only a handful of books for them to read. How can children discover their world; how they become inquisitive, learn language skills, be competent readers – with no books? When the children beg you, plead with you to give them books, what are you to do?

With the help of Mainfreight New Zealand, RATA collected and gathered 13 pallets of books from around NZ and freighted them over to Ghana. It took over a year, but now the three schools all have libraries. We call this a ‘Ripple of RATA”- just one of those things we have done, because we know it will change those children’s lives and make their schooling so much more meaningful.

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Upcoming 2017 Trips: India + Uganda, Nepal, Papua New Guinea

In 2017, we’ll need a full RATA team to join us in India, continuing our ongoing teaching support. At this stage, it may be for the last time as our friends in India are doing great. For this 2017 trip, we’d love to see teachers from all schools – secondary, primary and preschool – join … Continue reading Upcoming 2017 Trips: India + Uganda, Nepal, Papua New Guinea


India July 2016 Recap

In July 2016, we took 9 kiwi teachers to work hard with our Indian colleagues. The curry and mangoes were great, but even better was seeing the enthusiasm the teachers have for learning and the dedication they have to be teachers of excellence is awesome. It was a privilege to be working in India again. … Continue reading India July 2016 Recap


Part 5: Equipping a future generation

As the end of the week grew closer, our time in Arusha was growing to a bittersweet close. In many ways, a little bit longer stay would be great, in others; many of us were looking forward to home and loved ones, as well as some home comforts. Our teachers continued to observe and work … Continue reading Part 5: Equipping a future generation

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